Foreword to the LIAN 98 Manual


This manual will help you to understand and to use the LIAN 98 software with the included protocols troublefree.

We create this manual with the greatest care and we strive to describe all relevant information for the use of the software as realistic as possible. Nevertheless problems can occur during the use of LIAN 98 that are not documented in the manual. Very often these problems are caused by hardware that differs from the standard. Also for many users the software and the protocols are new and therefore unfamiliar. In this case don't worry, contact us.

We have a lot of experience in the development of software and in the commisioning and maintenance of telecontrol systems. For this reason a lot of knowledge has built up over years concerning both the software and the hardware. We like to share our knowledge with you. So, if you have any questions to the software, the operation of the software or the particular protocols, please donít hesitate to contact us. By the way you can also post your questions to the Lian 98 Community and you will get an answer promtly. In this way problems and solutions can be shared with other users.

If we donít hear anything from you we think everything is OK and you are already familiar with the software. So please contact us, if you have any question to the software or problems with the software.


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Manual LIAN 98

LIAN 98 Protocol Router, Simulator and Analyzer
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