3.5 VFL file : Pre-Filter / -Trigger Settings for Recording and Simulation


This function offers the possibility to define telegram specific filters and triggers. In principle one distinguishes between filters and triggers that support supervision of an already working system ( monitoring filters, start- and stop triggers ) and filters that cause automatically the execution of transmission orders with the receipt of particular data records during simulation e.g. execution of data tests ( action filters ). The settings refer always to one particular channel. That means if one will use different filters for different channels, several VFL files are to be created and specifically entered in the channel configuration.

Filters and triggers for recording :

Monitoring filter

Monitoring filters help to limit monitoring on particular in advance exactly defined data records. As one is interested only in some specific parts of records ( e.g. measurands, ... ) in most cases, it is possible to activate data format specific filters for the recording, in which several OR-linked filters can be defined for a channel. By setting the corresponding filters and triggers a carefully directed data preselection can be achieved, which results in a reduction of the data to be analyzed later.

Start trigger

With the receipt of a telegram defined before as start trigger recording is started.

Stop trigger

Monitoring can also be stopped with the help of a telegram specific filter after a defined number of following records. If Stop on error is activated, monitoring is stopped after a certain number of following records as soon as an error occurs. The number of the following records is defined in the field "Records after stop on error/ Stop trigger" in the global parameters.

Time trigger

With date and time monitoring can be limited to a certain time or period of time. Start- and stop time is defined in the fields "Start recording" and "Stop recording" in the global parameters.

Filters for automatic reactions during simulation :

Action filter

For the simulation or execution of data tests actions can be caused with the receipt of defined records. Therefore the possibility exists to define action filters, that effect the transmission of a send-sequence or transmit one or more message buffers ( TDB ).


Parameters global



Channel released

Monitoring can be limited to particular channels.

yes Channel enabled for transmission and receipt of data records
no Channel disabled
recv Channel enabled for receipt of data records
send Channel enabled for transmission of data records

Start recording
( date / time )

Here date and time can be defined, when recording should be started. To avoid errors during recording, date and time are updated when the filter window opens.

Stop recording
( date / time )

Here date and time can be defined, when recording should be stopped.

Records after stop on error/ stop trigger

The number of records to be monitored after stop on error or stop trigger until recording is finally stopped.


Settings for the particular protocols


General ( protocol independent )

General Asynchronous PCM Capture

General Network Capture


IEC Standard

IEC 60870-5-101 : Filter- / Trigger Settings

IEC 60870-5-102 : Filter- / Trigger Settings

IEC 60870-5-103 : Filter- / Trigger Settings

IEC 60870-5-104 : Filter- / Trigger Settings

IEC 62056-21 : Filter- / Trigger Settings



RP 570/ 571 : Filter- / Trigger Settings



AEG SEAB-1F : Filter- / Trigger Settings


Landis & Gyr

SCTM : Filter- / Trigger Settings

TELEGYR 805/ 809 : Filter- / Trigger Settings



SINAUT 8-FW PCM : Filter- / Trigger Settings

SINAUT ST1 : Filter- / Trigger Settings

SINAUT ST7 : Filter- / Trigger Settings



MODBUS serial : Filter- / Trigger Settings

MODBUS Network : Filter- / Trigger Settings


Each alteration in the configuration is displayed by an asterisk * in the caption title and will be only effective after saving.


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