3.10 TRP file : Analysis of recorded Transmission Data


The recorded data are stored binary in the archive file and therefore not suitable for the processing in external programs as e.g. MS-Word. The TRP file is created out of the archive ( <Button ARC> ) automatically whereby the output format is defined over the format settings ( <Button FMT> ).

The data can be displayed on screen, printed just if necessary or processed with a text editing program ( MS Word ). In the "Rich Text Format" the data appear in a clear and for the user easily legible form caused by different colors of the individual information. The use of the "Text Format" for the conversion is suitable in order to reduce significantly the time for the conversion of huge archives into the TRP file or later the time for the opening and display of a TRP file.

With a search function specified values can be found easily and without problems.


Toolbar TRP file



open document Opens an existing document.
save document as Saves the active document under a new name.
copy Copies selection in the clip board.
search Searches the declared text in the current document.
select all Selects the whole text in the document.
font Changes the font for the selected text.
text color Assigns a color to the selected text.
background color Assigns a color to the window background.
page view

This view offers the possibility to scroll through the pages or to print particular pages or the whole document on request.
Before this function can be used, a printer must be installed in the operation system.
Font and size for the side view can be adapted to your monitor resolution via the menu item <view - printer fonts>. The print margins are set via the menu item <file page setup>.

print Prints the active document with the current settings.


Screen output TRP File


Archive-/ TRP output in Rich Text Format.


Archive-/ TRP output in Text Format.



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