1.2 System Requirements relating the use of LIAN 98





The program package LIAN 98 requires an IBM-compatible personal computer. Basically a Pentium III - CPU with 600 MHz is sufficient, but: the faster the better, because the performance of the receive routines depends on the processor performance.



The computer should have at least 512 MB extension memory. In terms of memory, the same is true as for the CPU: the more the faster.


Hard disk

It is advisable to have about 1 GB spare on the hard disk for LIAN 98.



The computer should be equipped with minimal one, better with two serial interface ports ( COM1 and COM2 ). An ISA- or PCI slot is necessary for the fitting of the expansion module. Alternatively the PC can be equipped via the USB interface with four additional serial comports with the EX-1334 Modul. The supplied dongle must be fitted to the parallel printer interface or optionally on an USB port on the PC.



Normally PC's are only equipped with two serial interfaces ( COM1 and COM2 ).

An ISA- or PCI-bus expansion module can be delivered on request for an optimum use of the program. This module puts two further interfaces COM3 and COM4 at the disposal. The ISA-bus card however requires the interrupts 10 and 11. Please take attention that these interrupts may not be used for any other purpose. Against that the PCI-bus card requires only one interrupt that will be free allocated from the operating system during the installation. It must not be reserved.



Special functions in the software ( view window ) can only be used if a printer is installed under the operating system.




Operating system

Operating system :

Windows® NT 4.0 - Service pack 6a ( is no longer tested ! )
Windows® 98 / 98se ( is no longer tested intensively ! )
Windows® 2000 - Service pack 4
Windows® XP ( 32- / 64 bit ) - Service pack 3
Windows® Vista ( 32- / 64 bit ) - Service pack 1
Windows® 7 ( 32- / 64 bit )
It is recommended to use the operating system MS Windows® XP !


For an optimal screen output please take care of the following settings :
Monitor resolution :

1024 x 768   - High Color ( 16 bit )
1280 x 1024 - True Color ( 32 bit ) or a higher resolution
1600 x 1200 or 1920 x 1200 - True Color ( 32 bit )
Font size : Normal fonts ( 96 DPI ) or large fonts ( 120 DPI )


The manual requires an Internet Explorer 5 or higher version or a similar browser.


LIAN 98 can be installed on a PC into several user accounts simultaniously, whereat each user can manage his own data folder for LIAN 98 ( ...\[ user name ]\documents\lian98\ ).

Please note : LIAN 98 up to version is only running in a user account with administrator rights.
This restriction is eliminated since LIAN 98 v !

The software can be installed now in a limited user account also.


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