3.8 PRO file : Analysis of Transmission Error


If there are disturbances during transmission, these are not only entered in the archive but also saved detailed in the protocol file ( PRO file ). Only errors occurred during the receive are stored, possibly with pre- and post history. If there are no errors the PRO File keeps empty.

The name of the PRO file and the directory can be defined in the <Configuration>.


Toolbar PRO file



open document Opens an existing document.
save document as Saves the active document under a new name.
copy Copies selection in the clip board.
search Searches the declared text in the current document.
select all Selects the whole text in the document.
font Changes the font for the selected text.
text color Assigns a color to the selected text.
background color Assigns a color to the window background.
page view

This view offers the possibility to scroll through the pages or to print particular pages or the whole document on request.
Before this function can be used, a printer must be installed in the operation system.
Font and size for the side view can be adapted to your monitor resolution via the menu item <view - printer fonts>. The print margins are set via the menu item <file page setup>.

print Prints the active document with the current settings.


Screen output PRO file

The following image shows a telegram length error occurred during recording in monitoring direction and written down in the archive. In order to receive detailed information to the time of this error the protocol file can be analyzed.



Analysis :
The last correct telegram ( 14:50:47.687 ) received before the error occurred is a quittance "E5".
After the error analysis you can see that a telegram with the length of 4 + 19 + 2 bytes was expected but the stop byte ( 16H ) is missing or not at the right place. This is the reason for the length error. There are even 5 bytes more transmitted, marked with an SYNC error, because a start byte ( 10H, 68H, .. ) was not found for the new synchronization.

Result :
The last 13 bytes of the telegram are missing. This causes always an error. Maybe via the time-out ( 14:50:56.578 ) or as displayed in this example when 4 short telegrams are following and the first byte of the first short telegram is missing.



The error message starts with a header line :

1 ===============[ 1 - IEC 101 serial - *E:Length ! ]=================

The second alternative header starts the description of sequential errors :

1 ---------------[ 2 - IEC 101 serial - *E:Parity ! ]-----------------

All lines are, like all the following ones, prefixed by the channel number. Moreover the header indicates the current number, the protocol type and the error. Beside the channel number and time, the following lines contain an information identifier ( 'P', 'E', 'S' or 'N' ).


P: ( previous )

Describes the pre history to the occurring error. The last correctly received data record is shown.

E: ( error )

Marks the beginning of the error description or the description of the mutilated received data. The correctly received data bytes are recorded up to the occurring error.

S: ( sync )

Marks synchronization errors. For example the receive routine initially searches for 68H, 10H or E5H. Every other character a synchronization error is noted against it in the PRO file. They are not tied to the order described above, but can occur arbitrarily.

N: ( next )

Describes the post history to the occurring error. The first data record received correctly after the error is displayed.


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