3.13 PIN file : Make Entries into the Personal Notebook


The notebook is a small comfortable editor to create text documents and send them directly from here via email. A lot of functions are available on the toolbar, so you can create reports quickly. Choose between different fonts and font sizes, colors for the font and the background as well as commands like find, replace, cut, copy or insert text.


Toolbar notebook



new empty document Creates a new empty document.
open document Opens an existing document.
save document Saves the active document.
save document as Saves the active document under new name.
cut Cuts the selection and puts it into the clipboard.
copy Copies the selection into the clipboard.
insert Inserts the content of the clipboard into the active document.
undo Undo the last alteration.
redo Carries out the previously undo action.
find Finds the specified text in the active document.
replace Replaces the specified text.
select all Selects the whole text.
font Alters the font for the selected text.
font color Assigns a color to the selected text.
background color Assigns a color to the background.
page view

This view offers the possibility to scroll through the pages or to print particular pages or the whole document.
Before this function can be used, a printer must be installed under the operation system.
Font and size for the page view can be adapted to your monitor resolution via the menu item <view - printer fonts>. The print margins are set via the menu item <file - page setup>.

Print Prints the active document with the current settings.
text bold The selected text will be set to bold.
text italic The selected text will be set to italics.
text underlined Underlines selected text.
justify left Justifies the paragraph to left.
justify center Justifies the paragraph to center.
justify right Justifies the paragraph to right.
bullets Inserts a bullet to the line.





Each alteration in the configuration is displayed by an asterisk * in the caption title and will be only effective after saving.


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