1.1 Introduction to the Program LIAN 98


The LIAN 98 software, running on the operating systems Windows® ( 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 ) from Microsoft®, can be used for various tasks in the field of process control systems and telecontrol systems :

. for the simulation of control center systems and remote control systems ( master- / slave simulation ),

. for monitoring, supervision and analysis of data transmission lines,

. because of 12 channels to examine the dynamic process behavior ( stress test )

. and as protocol router from IEC 101 to IEC 104.

The software has been developed to analyze data transmission independent from special measuring instruments for pulse-code-modulated serial and network protocols. Also to simulate particular components and systems such as master stations, substations, process interfaces like telecontrol-heads and nodes, in point-to-point or multi-point trafic to recognize transmission errors or erroneous data.

The software is equally suitable for developers of telecontrol or power control systems when testing, commissioning and maintenance of telecontrol installations and for operators of existing telecontrol systems for supervision, error analysis and in order to carry out data tests.

Editing of send telegrams as well as the display of sent and received data is done on a logical level. All telegrams are realized and for each telegram clearly laid out masks are available to set the necessary values. The plaintext display mode of the transmit and receive data facilitates to recognized easily particular values. This means, the laborious and time-consuming analysis of bits or the conversion of hexadecimal values has been dropped completely for service teams.

A great advantage for system tests is the use of imported process data. This causes for testing a significant reduction in expenditure of time, because particular process messages must not be edited. The messages are automatically generated by the LIAN 98 software on the basis of the data point list. At the moment import of process data lists is only available for the protocols IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104.

LIAN 98 can be used as protocol router between the protocols IEC 101 and IEC 104. This function is especially suitable for small process control systems ( building automation, emergency systems, ... ) with only a few substations. When using all twelve channels, 10 ( point-to-point ) substations can be routed to 2 network capable IEC 104 control center computers.


Advantages of the LIAN 98 software

The LIAN 98 software is the perfect solution that enables you to carry out quickly all required tasks clearly and user friendly and helps you to save a lot of time and work.

  • For a troublefree operation all necessary tasks, such as the configuration of each channel, editing of telegrams, transmission and receipt of telegrams, archiving etc. can be invoked out of one mainframe. Each required function can be activated via easy comprehensible buttons. While recording is running undisturbed in the background, telegrams can be edited, sequences created, filters that are suitable for recording or action filters that are used for the simulation can be set in the meantime.

  • Telegrams can be sent once, cyclic or multiple. Furthermore most different telegrams can be combined to cross-channel sequences. Also erroneous telegrams can be edited and sent ( cannel 1 ...12 ).

  • You can receive and transmit on four channels ( optional 12 channels ) simultaneously and each channel can be set for another protocol. The change between the particular protocols can be handled quickly. The settings of the channels with all for the operation necessary paramount and protocol-specific parameters is done clearly and comfortably via input- or selection fields ( KNF file ).

  • Recording of the transmission data is not limited to a small period of time but can last several hours or even days. All recorded data are stored chronologically for later analysis in an archive file having a size of up to 32 Megabytes and each entry in the archive includes the actual time. During recording, the transmission is permanently supervised on transmission errors. If an error occurs, an error message ( e.g. checksum error ) is stored together with the transmission data in the archive file and further detailled information to the error in the PRO file. All send- and receive data are stored binary in the ARC file. The binary archived data are converted to an easily readable procedure-specific plain text and displayed on screen. Between different display formats ( FMT file ) can be chosen to optimize and adapt the represented data to the particular requirements.

  • As one is interested only in some specific parts of the recording in most cases, it is possible to activate data format specific filters and triggers for the recording ( VFL file ) or the analysis of the recorded data ( NFL file ) to achieve a carefully directed data pre-selection, that results in a reduction of the data.

  • Of course, the LIAN 98 software can be used besides the protocol supervision also for the simulation of complete systems, like substations and master stations, process interfaces ( telecontrol head or telecontrol nodes ), process computers etc. The software can work thereby alternatively as MASTER or SLAVE. Messages can be sent manually or as a cross-channel sequence. For each transmission protocol up to 500 send buffers are available ( cannel 1 ...12 ) that can be edited freely. Details for the simulation are given in the protocol description ( SIM file ).

  • With the automatic dial-up function ( AWD ) it is possible to test stations ( master and substation ) via phone line. Generally for all serial protocols the LIAN 98 software is able to make connections via modem and phone line to a remote station or as substation to a master station and transmit and receive data. LIAN 98 can process up to twelve modems in the range of COM1 till COM24 simultaneously. In this way all necessary tests can be done comfortably out of the office via the phone line. For protocols IEC 101 and AEG SEAB-1F the login takes place with a password.

The size of the windows and the position on screen for the mainframe and the sub-windows are saved when closing the windows. Therefore the windows are displayed in the same size and at the same position on screen in the next session.


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